Warehouse & Storage Service

Warehousing services from Arrowline Logistics consist of four main areas: receiving goods, Storage space, packaging, shipping, and inventory control. High Secured controls are placed in all areas to ensure the integrity of inventory. Warehousing includes the physical handling of products; the checking of the shipping manifest against materials received, shelving in the appropriate storage area, and adjusting of inventory records. With all cargo handling equipment I.E. Forklifts, platform lifts, etc.

Our warehouse is established at a proper location close to commercial places convenient for the transportation of inventories as well as for the loading and unloading of the same. Adequate space is covered by our warehouse for maximum storage of goods at minimum expense and to keep your goods in proper order. So that all of your merchandise could be accommodated in our single warehouse so that you need not travel to different places to manage the loading and unloading of it. Appropriate arrangements have been made inside the site to help with quick loading, unloading, and safe parking.

We are committed to

  • Offer Competitive price without compromising on service level
  • Maintaining the trust of our clients keeping on us
  • Ensure safety for your valuables
  • Establish long-lasting business association with our clients.
  • 24 x 7 customer service


The main goal of our warehouse storage department is to make the most of the available space for your products while keeping the stored inventory safe and organized. Our warehouse systems are extremely functional and completely user-friendly which would provide maximum protection for your prized possessions. We Often use well-equipped mechanical appliances to load and unload the goods. Either your product needs to be stored for a single week or six months, we safeguard your shipment every step of the way.


The major portion of our warehouse is meant for goods that do not have a specific requirement of temperature. Your goods like automobile components, apparel, manufacturing raw material, industrial products, intermediary non-perishable products can also find a proper place at our warehouse whenever needed.


There are a variety of products that need cold storage to continue in good condition. It isn’t just for meats, fruits, and vegetables but also for products like lipstick, plants, flowers, medicines, and cologne. 

We place your products at a set temperature of your choice, which would help them stay fresh and makes them last longer. Keeping them at the right temperature will decrease the risk of damage and extend their mean life. Our refrigerated storage helps to maintain a low temperature at the warehouse, thus diminishing the chances of rotting, sprouting, and insect damage in the perishable goods. Having food that hasn’t been kept at the right temperature will also increase the chances of getting food poisoning which would affect your company’s reputation. That is something that you never want to risk with your products. Our cold storage warehouse can store your products at the right temperatures and even keep them that way during long trips. This means you don’t have to worry about such matters anymore and can turn your complete attention back to running your business.


Your monthly or annual cost of warehousing is determined by the following three factors: 

  1. The amount of warehouse area needed (in square feet).
  2. The base rental rate (monthly or annually).
  3. Kind of material to be stored in the warehouse(general or cold storage warehouse)
  4. The estimated operating expenses ( Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees). This also includes property taxes, property insurance, and common area maintenance costs (such as cleaning or repair costs).

Since our warehouse is situated at the proper location convenient by a lot of factors, you can always expect a minimum expense for our honest and good quality service. 


Since our warehouse basically is used to store eatables or perishable goods like bread, butter, fruits, eggs, and vegetables, it is equipped with adequate facilities for proper cold storage, moisture resistance, etc. Further efforts are made to secure our warehouse and your goods against possibilities of theft and damage from heat, rainwater, insects, pests, and fire. Fire extinguishers, safety alarms, budgets, and 24 X 7 security arrangements are fixed perfectly to secure our warehouse from unforeseen crunches. And also our warehouse is equipped with 24X7 CCTV Surveillance to ensure safety.


No matter what business you do, whether it is in logistics, wholesale, manufacturing, or freight, as the leading temporary structure manufacturer we will make your space exactly as you need it. If your freight needs to be stored for a smaller period of time, our cross-docking service will decently organize your freight, and then set it on outbound trucks for delivery. From basic PVC wet weather covers to fully insulated buildings and a temperature-controlled environment for your goods, we’ll keep your goods covered.


Are you on a trip and need somewhere to park your vehicle while being away in a safe and secure facility? We are here to provide you with additional parking space. Whether you own a bike or car, we have the space for it. Our vehicle storage services will best suit your needs. You can always get in touch with one of our vehicle storage consultants to help you with your inquiry.

If in any manner our Warehouse & storage services can help you, we would love to speak to you. Feel free to contact us and we’ll suggest the best storage options that will suit your freights.

Our Warehouse and storages service offers,

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