Industrial Packing Service

Arrowline Logistics ships and stores your wide range of goods giving utmost protection to them. You can make use of our services at the production site, right after production, or at any point in the supply chain. We safeguard your highly sensitive products, hazardous or that are bulky.

From moisture to vibrations, we protect your goods from everything. Added value protection is provided to each category of goods that depend on customized and specialized packaging to get on from one place to another or to sit in a satisfactory storage area. 

if your product is from the automotive industry, machinery manufacturers, highly sensitive equipment manufactures, technology industry, or any other industry, your products need to be protected from everything from humidity to vibrations. Here is Arrowline Logistics to provide your goods with added value protection by making use of customized packaging, learning the essential type of packaging that suits your products. We are always happy to protect your goods, provide them a barrier, security, and even containment to them. We help you to stay ahead of loss by providing the right packaging choices which would help your products, parts, and components arrive in intact condition. Your industry components, equipment, and products can be stored properly and can have them ready whenever you need them without having to worry about damages from expanded storage periods.

We select the appropriate packaging mode and material by conducting a serious survey on the products, on the following factors before designing the customized packaging:

  • The Security of the packaging for the product
  • The weight of the products
  • The level of moisture exposure the products will encounter
  • The time interval the product may sit in storage
  • The compatibility of the packaging with the product.

Efficient packing

We always choose a package with minimal excess space, since it may lead to damaged goods or a need for extra cushioning. Additional materials lead to additional costs and potential damage. We often select strong, lightweight materials complying with international standards for material use, for normal packages, and sturdy materials that will protect your products from damage.

We promise 100% guarantee to the following services:

  • Safety of the products during shipping. 
  • Preserve the product during long storage periods.


There are a wide variety of eco-friendly options to customize your products. You can at any time ship your products with confidence using any of the modes of transport when you choose this customized industrial packaging. Finding the best balance between protection and costs is not always an easy task, especially if you are not using the right packaging methods. Our consultant on board can help you identify what is necessary and what is not for the protection and security of your products in a cost-effective manner. Once you have Arrowline Logistics on board, you are free to focus on core business requirements and worry less about the danger, damage, and losses of your products.

Inappropriate Packaging Can Be a Huge Issue. Every step to protect the products is taken before they ship. Packaging of certain products requires special handling because of their perishability or due to their prolonged storage. There are several ways these products are shipped to ensure their freshness whether they are headed to the local market or around the world.

Packaging at the next level

Our main intention is to protect your products during shipping and storage. And we also protect them against hazardous exposure. Arrowline Logistics guarantees to meet international standards on packaging products regardless of their type. Some products need further protection for shipping while others need additional protection for long periods of storage. Some products need protection for both. We are capable of protecting the products based on their exact requirement. 

With our well-designed packaging services, you can always ensure the safety of the products during shipping. We provide an added layer of protection for specific products that are at risk with traditional packaging.

Products sealed effectively

A solid seal to your packaging is done to make it just as important as quality cushioning. All the protective cushioning in the world is used to manage your products even if your box should be opened mid-travel.

Many sealants will effectively keep your package closed. 

Packaging material

When the products require extra protection in their shipping process, they get even more creative in their look. The packaging materials used for resulting in such a look can be any of the following:

  • Wooden materials like a wood board, derails board, plywood, skids, wooden crates, wooden boxes, etc.
  • Formed stainless steel and other metals
  • Corrugated cardboard, fiberboard, paperboard, and more
  • Various plastic forms, shrink wrap, and more
  • Polypropylene

To ensure safety and security for the goods packaged using a packaging machine, combinations of the above-listed materials are used. The combination of materials that we select for your products has always proven to be the best. 

Containers and Packaging

We have proper and safe operating, packaging machines like shrink tunnels, pallet wrappers, case erectors, sealers, carded packaging machines, and form, fill, and seal machines, to pack your industrial products of any kind and ship them with confidence. We offer the most reliable and fastest container packaging services at a level of expertise and experience that can be a challenge to find.

 Since creative container and packaging solutions is our bread and butter. All the operations from our side are promised to be lean and hassle-free.

We always choose the best methods of packaging and containers to keep costs down even at custom packaging. We often use many other ways to keep costs down by choosing a trusted source for your packaging needs. 

You cannot travel with your product but what you can do is make sure that you are using the right packaging option to protect your goods while they are being controlled by others. Arrowline Logistics has given the highest priority in protecting your products. Contact us whenever your product needs extra protection than those offered by the standard packaging options.

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